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2023 Recap:2023年の振り返り





まだまだ多くの課題が山積していますが、2024年もJaneen Dochの活動を一人でも多くの方に知っていただけるようホームページやSNS等で発信していきたいと思いますのでよろしくお願いいたします。




This year has been a year of taking on new challenges, triggered by crowdfunding.

I felt firsthand how difficult it is to give form to our thoughts and feelings, and how difficult it is to communicate them, However, I am happy to say that it has been a very fulfilling year, as I feel that we are making gradual progress toward the future that we envision.

Although we still have many challenges ahead of us, we will continue to communicate our activities through our website and SNS in 2024 so that as many people as possible can become aware of our activities.

In addition, this year, through "Eshikaruya*" in Kamakura, I was able to do things that I could not have done on my own, such as having opportunities to actually hold products in my hands and talk with customers.

It was a year to be thankful for new encounters.

I would like to continue to create new opportunities and take on various challenges, and I would appreciate your continued support.

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