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初めてのポップアップイベントを終えて After the first pop-up event


(English follows Japanese)「えしかる屋」さんでのイベント期間中には、店舗に来店いただいたお客様とお話する機会や、初のインスタライブを行うなど、色々なことを経験させていただきました。本当にこのご縁に感謝です。








During the event at "Ethical-ya," I had the opportunity to talk with customers who came to the store and streamed instagram live with the staff of Ethical-ya.

I experienced many things in there, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity.

The event has ended, but we are happy to announce that our products will continue to be available at the store, so we hope you will visit our store.

I am thinking about our future direction every day, but I can't come up with any good ideas, and I am feeling a bit of a blur, so I decided to do something different.

I joined the volunteer activities of a photo shoot for an entertainment agency specializing in people with disabilities, thinking that I might learn something by doing something different from the usual.

I had never been involved with people with disabilities before, but saw my friend's facebook post and was curious about it. I have not had many opportunities to get involved in domestic social issues, but I would like to participate in such opportunities again while I am in Japan.

There are many things that we don't realize unless we continue to learn new things on our own, unless we have a high and broad perspective. I would like to continue to move forward with my business with a positive and cautious outlook!

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