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Janeen Doch, from the Baloch words "Janeen" (woman) and "Doch" (stitch), refers to the handiwork of Baloch women. The women spend a lot of time and effort, stitch by stitch, to make the clothes they wear, and this is one of the traditional cultural traditions that still remains today.

Embroidery combines eight different base techniques to create beautiful and gorgeous geometric patterns.

The gorgeous, detailed technique amazes everyone, yet it is soft to the touch.

Embroidery has unlimited possibilities with its creator's unique and fashionable color combinations.

When Yoshiko Suzuki, the founder of the company, encountered the Baloch people's traditional costume and fell in love with their colorful embroidery, she visited the area and learned about the situation of the women and the strain on their eyes and shoulders, while it could be done anytime and anywhere with a needle and thread.

Furthermore, as time goes by, the younger generation is gradually feeling resistance to sewing.

Although it was a completely different career path, I saw the potential of embroidery and decided to take on the challenge of creating products with new ideas and perspectives as a concept to pass on this traditional culture to the next generation. I would like to work together to create a place where women can shine with confidence.

We hope that Janeen Doch will be an opportunity for you to increase your interest in Iranian culture and country, even if only a little.

Janeen Doch(ジャネンドーチ)は、バルーチ語で「Janeen=女性」と「Doch=縫う」の言葉から、バルーチ人女性の手仕事を意味しています。女性たちは、時間と手間をかけひと針ずつ積み重ね、自分たちの着る服を作っており、それは今でも残っている伝統文化の一つです。








Janeen Dochをきっかけに、イランの文化や国に対する関心を少しでも高めていただければ幸いです。

About Janeen Doch



To enrich people's lives

We work to make each place a better place for everyone involved.

Provide the opportunity to create joy together

We aim to create smiles on the faces of all those involved in our business.

Spreading the value created through collaborative creation around the world

Enjoying the combination of ideas from people with diverse values, we value human connections.








Yoshiko Suzuki 

I had been to many countries because I liked to travel, but one day I realized that I had never set foot in a developing country. Since then, I started gathering information about developing countries on the news and the Internet, and learned that there are countries where people cannot receive an education even if they want to, or cannot work even if they want to, and that there are countries where the situation is so different from my own, just because I happened to be born and raised in a different country. I was ashamed of my ignorance, and at the same time, I wondered if I could do something about it while I was working as a member of society.

In 2008, I went to Africa as a volunteer. Seeing the reality of poverty and disparity, and regretting that I could not do anything for the local people despite the many problems the country was facing, I began to think that I wanted to solve local social issues in the form of business, rather than support. After returning to Japan, I prepared for my next step by working for a company again and learning my own business skills that were lacking.

In 2015, I went to India as an intern. There, I happened to come across the Baluch national dress and fell in love with the colorful embroidery, and decided to go to Iran, where I met many Iranians who were skilled at entertaining guests in the rich natural environment and many places to visit. I was fascinated with embroidery in no time at all.


The more I shared food, clothing, and shelter with local people and learned more about cultural differences, Iran, and ethnic minorities, the more I began to think that I wanted more people to know about this embroidery and what I could do through embroidery. I have been working on the idea for a long time, but I have not taken any action. However, I thought that if I did not take any action, nothing would change just by thinking about it. Let's take action. That's what I decided to do and founded Janeen Doch.


We will start with embroidery by Baloch women, but we will also search for handmade items by women in various parts of Iran and deliver them along with their stories. Since I realize from my past experiences that it is important to go to the field, I would like to tell you about the situation on the ground in my own words!





現地の人と衣食住を共にし、文化の違い、イランや少数民族のことを知れば知るほど、この刺繍をもっと多くの人に知ってもらいたい、刺繍を通して何かできないかと考えるようになり、帰国してからは、時間を見つけてはビジネスプランを練り、どのように進めて行くかを考え、アイデアをずっと温めてきました。しかし何も行動に移さなければ、想っているだけでは何も変わらないと。何かアクションを起こそう。そう心に決め、Janeen Dochを設立することにしました。



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